Life Coaching

​Relationships, Work, Sports, Wellness
  • Do you feel like you've lost yourself somehow?
  • Are you looking for life coaching?
  • What could a life look like in which you are finally happy again?
  • Knowing where your own journey is going?
  • Let's take a little time and clarify what's not going well. In Life Coaching you will find out which first steps you can take to be happy again.
  • You can also coach online via Phone,  Skype or Zoom.
A life coach accompanies us in our self-discovery phase and helps us to free ourselves from our crisis of meaning, in which we don't really know what we actually want. He cannot answer the question for us, but can help us find an answer himself. Through targeted questions and summaries, he improves our self reflection and gives us a clear view of our strengths, weaknesses, goals and needs. It supports us in the detection and resolution of blockages and problems. With clear priorities , concrete goals and an impressive plan of action, we can develop freely and begin to take our lives into our own hands.

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