What is Bioenergy?

What is it? Bio-energy healing is based on the premise that each individual is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field of energy known as an `aura'. Bio-energy therapists work to clear any blockages in this energy as it flows through seven energy centres, known as chakras. It is largely a hands-off therapy, thank's to that, we can offer that service ONLINE.

My Approach

How? Easily and directly. Through daily or weekly online sessions, depending on the problem to be treated and the circumstances of each person, with total dedication and commitment in order to achieve an effective result that allows you to lead a better quality of life.

What does it treat? Bio-energy healing is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to medical advice. Coronavirus-related stress can be managed by using BIOENERGY THERAPY to treat your mental and physical stress, anxiety and by setting parameters around you to manage our new life stile.Something we can help you with!
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