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About Hypnocoaching

The word hypnosis refers to the inducing of a passive state of mind, that promotes better communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is the psychological healing process that uses hypnosis to achieve a desired result.

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis. Whether you need to beat a habit, reduce anxiety or start performing at your best, Hypnocoaching can help. Having studied a variety of hypnotherapy and transformational life coaching methods, they will have you seeing major improvements in no time. 

About Me

Im a Life Coach who helps my clients to achieve their dreams and potential.

Before starting "Hypnocoaching", I worked for 16 years as a highly successful recreational and technical dive instructor, imparting my skills, knowledge and expertise to international guests.

I have chosen to help and coach my customers to lead a healthy lifestyle with the use of a portfolio full of tools, including Hypnotherapy ( Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem ), Bioenergy Therapy ( General Health and Healing), Massage Therapy (Wellness Massage, Sport Massage, Mobil Massage, Sport Taping and Trigger Point Massage) and as Personal Coach.

Available for a personal and private talk at a time convenient to you, within the privacy and comfort of your own home. To book a free consultation contact me via email at,, and a consultation via Zoom or Whatsapp will be arranged.

With kind regards,

Juan Manuel Rodriguez

My Credentials

Hypnotherapist. Certified by The Academy Of the Inner Mind. UK
Life Coach. Certified by The Academy Of the Inner Mind. UK

Bioenergy Therapist. Certified by The Oisin Center of Bioenergy. UK

Massage Therapist. Certified by Medios Center. Germany